Your Parents Were Wrong

I’ve heard way too many stories of parents or “friends” who have told people not to pursue what they really want to be. Because of their opinions, because of what’s “normal” and what isn’t.

They’re told to be lawyers, doctors, whatever. And that there’s no other option…

Screw that.

Be you.

Be what you want to be and the change you wish to see in the world. In doing so, you’ll never actually do a day of “work” in your life.

Too many blindly follow the script they’re given by those who raised them or learn in school to always try and “normal” or do the “right” thing. But that’s the opinion of another, not an original thought, or even a path you want to follow.

Take a moment to think through your principles. How many of them were instilled in you by a teacher or guardian, rather than you deciding what they should be?

This is the world we live in. We’re born into a group of people we didn’t choose, raised by their beliefs. And then, when we’re old enough, we get sent to school. No options. No decisions made on your part. You are sent there and are punished if you don’t attend.

School is a prison.

Your parents were full of it.

You are forced to listen and study the unfulfilled dreams and misguided beliefs of others, from the second you’re born. So it’s no wonder that when sent out into the world alone at 18, most people just wait to continue being told what to do. Getting a job, wearing a suit, turning up when you’re told to…

I’m here to tell you to grow a spine and make some decisions of your own. The ones you actually want to make. The ones that impact your life and career for the best. The ones that drive you forward and excite you.

No Magic Pills

If you’re hoping to change your life and become an overnight success doing what you want to, I’m here bearing some bad news:

Nothing worth having is easy to get.

So there’s no magic pills or shortcuts to take to doing what you actually want. Just dedication and a commitment to head in a single direction for long enough to see the impact.

Find what it is you care about, the people you can help, and where they are. Then show them time and time again why they should choose you. Provide value and show you understand.

What you choose to work on is your passion. The thing you care about the most.

So show it. Instead of hiding away or waiting for something to happen.

Making Your Own Way

Finding a path you want to follow is tough as hell. Many sit waiting on their “calling” until it’s too late. Instead, find something you like and just START. You can’t make your own way in the world if you sit around waiting. You’ll stagnate and die out, or exist in mediocrity forever.

Casting an eye back into the past, you can see that those who sit and wait around cease to exist. Basic Darwinism dictates that you either evolve or die. That’s why existing only looking backwards, or blindly following those beliefs you’re instilled with is such a terrible idea when you’re hoping to progress and grow.

The secret to success is consistently showing up, and providing value for someone, time and time again. So start now, or you’re running behind. Even if you only have a vague idea of the journey you want to head on, and who you help, START NOW.

Get to work on reprogramming yourself, and fighting for your own future. One that you want, rather than the one you were told to do.

How To Never Feel Lost

Feeling stressed or confused already? Don’t worry, I got you.

The key to combating those feelings of uncertainty is to start and just get going. I promise. Building that regular cadence of content, and not caring about anything but your goals and showing value.

But first, focus on finding your “why”. The stuff that gets you out of bed in the morning. Those actions you’d rather be doing. To find your way correctly, you need to always pay attention to, and act on the moments of inspiration that make you want to get to work right away, instead of endlessly procrastinating or making excuses.

For over a decade, I’ve worked with amazing companies around the world, remotely designing experiences, websites, apps, and resources for the tech universe. But, one day I looked at what I was doing and thought more on its sustainability and if I’d be happy doing it forever. It was then I found what I believe to be the thing that truly drives me to be myself, and I personally found my passion in helping others like myself to succeed as remote, solo designers.

So now, everything that I do and action I take, is first proofed through the lens of “will this benefit the others like me, that I seek to help?” – This validating question guides me and lets me validate my new ideas. If it won’t help the people I target, what’s the point?

When you discover that “why”, it changes everything. Because you’re following your rules, rather than the ones that were forced on you.

Wanna know the secret to the seemingly super-powered creators and makers you aspire to be?

They truly care about what they’re working on. They don’t force it.

Find your why. Forget the past and what you “think” you know. Carve your own path.