Why I’m Moving (Back) to Dribbble from Instagram in 2020

Over the last few years, I’ve been incredibly sporadic with my content. Often switching platforms, making new accounts; or changing the things I post completely.

In 2020, things are not only going to be a lot more cohesive and consistent; but also in fewer places.

Leaving Instagram Behind

Throughout 2019, I returned to Instagram in several different guises. First focusing on posting graphical experiments, posters and album artwork; which went okay, but I quickly lost passion for it. Next time around, I worked on clothing concepts; but struggled to find an audience and needed a change.

The last project I worked on before leaving Instagram was posting iOS app designs. This was excellent for practising my design skills and the reception was great in the month or so I was posting. As this project was going well, I thought I'd commit to it a little more and run some ads to grow the potential audience of my work.

This is where things went wrong for me and Instagram.

Shortly after running a few of these ads, my ability to do so was revoked. No email. No notification. Just banned.

I reached out to ask for an explanation and got several canned responses and told "At this point, there's no further action that you may take. Please consider this decision final."

So I leave Instagram behind with a bit of a bitter taste. But let's look to the future, instead of the past.

The Future on Dribbble

After a brief downturn (and absolutely nothing happening to improve the stagnating platform) when MetaLab took over, Dribbble is looking up again.

I agree with the thoughts of others that there will be a resurgence of personal websites in the 2020s. As well as the less closed networks that support them, such as Dribbble and Behance. The internet has become pretty impersonal and a shift back towards small closed networks, email newsletters and maybe even RSS is coming.

Back to the subject of Dribbble.

They recently made some pretty sweeping and decisive changes that show they're willing to adapt to an altering landscape in design. Adding a real-time projects board and allowing personal users the power usually reserved for teams.

This falls in line with my own goals, so after a couple of years of being on and off. I'm back on Dribbble and will be posting as often as I can.

I'm excited to share more.

Speak soon.