Stop Giving Up Too Soon

When you finally get around to making a decision of what to work on, planning it out and building the habits needed to make yourself a living working for yourself, why do you always give up soon after the actual work starts?

Because you aren't making the work, work for you. Maybe you're following a system or guide on how to work for yourself, and you're trying to force yourself into that mould or copy someone who's working at the thing you're just getting started on. What's happening here is: You have the right idea, but instead of using the formulas, methods and scripts outlined in these systems precisely as they're presented to you; take the time to rebuild them with your own spin. This time taken to show things through your own unique lens is vital to getting your authentic voice across.

In the long run, you need that authenticity to maintain your drive and to get the results you seek. If you simply follow someone else and copy blindly what they have done before in the exact same way, you just seem like the shadow of someone else; rather than your own unique self.

That's the reason why you've been running out of gas. You've been trying to force yourself into the mould of another and not show what makes you, you.

Do What You Love

It might seem like a cliche or an old and overused adage. But there's value in those simple four words. When you work on the things you're passionate about; sharing the amazing stories and knowledge you gain along the way will be a breeze, rather than a chore. The key to making your content unique is to own your personality and the perspectives that make you different on subjects you give a fuck about.

So tell those stories and let your personality shine through in the things you make. It doesn't matter if it's a blog post on photography, an ebook on making money online or anything you can think of; if you come across as genuine and relatable while solving someone's problem, they'll come back again and again.

Don't Create To Be Liked

When you make just for likes or to follow trends, you fit in.

You blend right into that crowd.

This isn't what you want.

Not at all.

What makes the things that you put out into the world unique is that it's YOU telling a story or sharing knowledge from your perspective. Not you copying the work of others that don't fit your mould. So don't create solely to be seen. That makes you look like an asshole. Instead, create to explore, learn, experiment, share something you find cool, or just to express yourself.

Sound Authentic

A vital element of sounding authentic, especially when writing, sending emails or communicating in general online is to make sure that you sound like yourself.

Let me explain.

When we write, we have a tendency to embellish things, so we sound smarter. This leads to things sounding weird and overdone.

So before you hit send or post, read what you've written aloud and ask yourself:

"Is this how I sound? Does this come across as I would word it in normal conversation?"

If it doesn't, it's time to make some adjustments.

It's crucial that you be yourself online and when sharing content and offerings. It will attract those like-minded people you'll gel well with. As I mentioned above, if you try and force yourself into a different mould; it's almost impossible to succeed.

Keep Your Head Down

The last tip I'll leave you with that will help you stop giving up so often is to do what you can to avoid distractions when you're making. At least until you've built up your habits and get your foundations in place. Before then, you need to eliminate all of the things that can cause you to go off the rails with what you're working on.

So deactivate those social media accounts until you have something to promote and don't look at those stats or likes until at least six months into building the base you'll create from. Before then, the data is basically meaningless, and you won't have had the chance to expose your creations to the people in your audience that you need to.

By keeping your head down and pressing on with your work, you gain an advantage on others by ACTUALLY moving and getting something done; unlike the legions of others who sit doing nothing or repeatedly fail to get their projects out there.

So keep focused until you have those foundations and then you can adjust, iterate and adapt to improve what you're releasing.

Just keep going.

Catch you soon,

Jamie ✌️