How To Build Counter Habits

Today, I'm going to talk about something that I've been exploring this week. Counter habits. In the same way that a counter punch is a reactionary element built into a fighter, you too need to practice and use counters of your own. Let me explain how I recently developed a counter habit in my own life.

My New Twitter Counter Habit

It's no mystery that in today's generation, there is no shortage of distractions to procrastinate with. Unless you're a superhuman, you'll have at least one lousy internet habit you'd prefer to to have. For me, it's the habit of clicking open Chrome or grabbing my phone and opening Twitter.

I've tried a few different methods to remedy this addiction, but in keeping with my personal pledge to try things differently in 2020; I'm going to instead lean into this habit.

Often in my online career, I've been guilty of not getting my voice out there enough and to remedy this, I have made a pledge:

"Whenever I open Twitter, I have to queue a Tweet in Buffer. Then interact with one thing then close it."

What This Counter Habit Does

Introducing this counter to my bad habit means that there's an upside to every time I act on my stupid ape impulses and open Twitter. I'm sure it's pretty easy to see how this has a positive impact and how it can be transferred into other aspects of life.

By building in response to an action I deep unproductive, I automatically revert to doing something useful (by queuing a tweet and interacting with someone in my network then getting back to doing work).

This is great to spin negatives into positives, get you back on track and to keep the momentum going with your content output.

Let's talk more about how this can help you with your own offerings and work.

How YOU Can Make Counter Habits Work For You

As I mentioned above, I'm sure that there is a harmful online habit you have that you wish you didn't.

Take some time to inspect that habit and what makes it tick. What makes you head to that social network or open that app? What are you looking for?

Now instead of having the mentality of an observer, take control and become the creator you want to be.

Your counter habits should change the momentum of action to get you to do something productive and then continue to be productive one it is done.

So think through the methods you can put in place to always be moving forwards and chasing what you truly want.

This originally appeared on my newsletter.