Everything Is About Momentum - How Your Habits Add Up

If you're like me, you get shit done by breaking down your larger goals into small, actionable things you can get done every day in the form of habits. When you work in this manner, you are always moving towards the things you genuinely want to get done one tiny step at a time.

Now let's imagine you haven't started working towards your goals yet and right now you've made no progress. For the purposes of this example, I'll use the context of writing a book; something I've been doing a lot of so far this year.

So let's use that example of a book.

Today you start at nothing but have hundreds and thousands of hours available to you in which to get something done. You're missing out because you're scared of taking a big step. But I've got great news for you. There's no need for giant leaps, we can do it all just one small step at a time and build that momentum by showing up over and over again.

Those small actions add up too, say you wrote just a few of hundred words every single day for the next year. This time 365 days from now, you'd have somewhere between fifty and a hundred thousand words. That's a pretty big book or several smaller books.

You can break down anything in this way. It's just a case of identifying your goal, finding what makes that goal tick and then working out the size of the action you'll take every day.

It might sound tough to show up and produce every day, and at times it will be. I promise you. But the benefits will come to light if you put the work in.

You owe it to yourself to chase down your potential and passion. So start today and find the things you need to do, jump over the hurdles that arrive and keep that momentum going.

Good luck. Go and smash it!

This originally appeared on my newsletter.