About Me

I'm Jamie Syke. That's me there and my name up at the top before the .com. I'm a designer for startups all around the world. I do that over at my design practice.

Here on this website, I work to help other freelancers and creatives to build their business better. Offering articles and products to improve their craft and market themselves, so they get more growth, customers and clients.

My background is different from most. I'm 100% self-taught since dropping out of college at 17 to freelance with clients in San Francisco. Since then, I've built a roster of world-class clients, run an Apple Design Award-winning studio; written some books and moved to 5 or 6 different countries.

For over a decade now, I've learnt to navigate the design landscape, going from working with small clients to landing big, exciting projects and international brands. I made a ton of painful mistakes on the way. Still, the harsh lessons allowed me to create a flexible lifestyle while building a comfortable 6-figure business.

I want you to learn from my success (and my mistakes) and save you years of trial and error, so you can work with clients you love and make the money you know you deserve.

Any questions?

Previous Partners

Work History


Knoma, Blossom Capital, NAAMA, Halo, Driftoffs, NDA'd VC Firm.


Daisie, PushMe, Finmo, Tines, Timetastic, Universal Music, Memsta, Slockit.


Daye, Facebook, Freeformers, L’Oreal, Reach Plc, Founder’s Factory, Slick.


Metalab, Google, Zoom, Visa, Jaguar, Land Rover, Sean Parker, Snap Inc.


InVision, Nutanix, Kello, Telenor, Badoo, Gasket, Osper, 16 Personalities.


Bumble, GoDaddy, Major Lazer, Pinecone, Roomi, Bear, Polydor, Docz, Warner Bros.


Porsche, Samsung, Warner Bros, Festicket, MadMimi, Feedly, Poolside.fm.


Fatsoma, Zynga, YunoJuno, Booking.com, Housing.com, Telcom, Appetize.